Ricardo Wurmus <rek...@elephly.net> skribis:

> Ludovic Courtès <l...@gnu.org> writes:
>>> You should not package ghc-array, ghc-containers, or ghc-binary — these
>>> are all provided by GHC itself.  It is possible that there are some more
>>> packages for which this applies (possibly including semigroupoids).
>> Oops, I pushed ghc-array and ghc-containers just yesterday.  Should I
>> revert?
> Yes, these packages better should not exist.  You can revert the commits
> adding them and modify the package definitions of whatever new packages
> refer to them.
> We removed them some time ago when we cleaned up and updated most of the
> Haskell packages.

Right.  I’ve removed them again now, sorry for the mess.

Ton, could you update your patch series at:





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