> On 9. Mar 2018, at 18:43, Andreas Rosenberg <andr...@rosen-berg.de> wrote:
> Hi!


> Digging a bit further, I found that the module "gst-gtk-3.2.92.so" is
> linked against
> "libgtk-x11-2.0.so", which is (now?) only provided by package: gtk2-devel.

"known" packaging issue. With dlopen we have some difficulties knowing
what the right version is. There should be a symlink in the package to
the right version. :(

> I don't know, who is responsible for maintaining the packages, but
> adding gtk2-devel as
> dependency should fix the problem for now.
> Anybody already tried to build against GTK3? libgtk-3.so seems to be
> available with
> standard GTK packages.

Paolo has worked on using "GIR" (the Glib introspection). This has various
benefits over the "awk" approach for bindings but the work didn't finish.
Maybe you are interested in helping out?


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