makeinfo produces error messages like

./1.texi:488: @item outside of table or list
./1.texi:501: unmatched `@end table'

for the following part

@p @table @asis                      <--- line 475
@p @item Color
@p [...]  The eight colors, by number, with the constant names defined
in screenio.cpy, are as follows:
@enumerate 0
@p @item Black: COB-COLOR-BLACK
@p @item Blue: COB-COLOR-BLUE
@p @item Green: COB-COLOR-GREEN
@p @item Cyan (Turquoise): COB-COLOR-CYAN
@p @item Red: COB-COLOR-RED
@p @item Magenta: COB-COLOR-MAGENTA
@p @item Yellow: COB-COLOR-YELLOW
@p @item White: COB-COLOR-WHITE
@end enumerate
@item Text Brightness                 <--- line 488
@p [...]
@item [...]
@p [...]
@end table                            <--- line 501

As far as I see the @item in line 488 and the @end table belong to the
@table in line 475.
This is the way it can be seen in the PDF generated by texi2pdf, too.

Note: The full texinfo files can be inspected at
The error is the first of many similar issues and is reported in,
the command to process the files was:
makeinfo --no-split gnucobpg.texi

* Is there anything wrong with nesting these items?
* How should this be done in a way that makeinfo understands?
* Side question: Do you see any use of producing an info file from a
570+ pages document? I'd currently only think HTML (splitted) or docbook
are reasonable for a size like this but would like to know if/how others
read big texinfo files in general.

Thank you for responding to any of these,
Simon Sobisch

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