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On Tue, Aug 8, 2017 at 12:27 AM, Steve Ebersole <st...@hibernate.org> wrote:

> Currently we have had to rely on a less-than-ideal CLA approach as part of
> the process for accepting a contribution.  That CLA app is a hassle for
> contributors and it is a head-ache for the folks who manage them.  So in an
> effort to stream-line this process, we will be making the following changes
> to this process:
>    1. We will no longer be using that CLA app.
>    2. CONTRIBUTING.MD will be updated to indicate that developers
>    implicitly agree to contributing their contributions under the terms of
> the
>    pertinent license (LGPL generally).  Some documentation and some website
>    pages refer to the CLA process and will be updated to point to the
>    CONTRIBUTING.MD file directly.
>    3. Did I say we would no longer be using the CLA app? ;)
> The end result is that when we process contributions (whether PR, patch
> attached to Jira, etc) we no longer need to ask the contributor to sign the
> CLA - such approval is implicitly given.
> Note that this is not really even a change.  The proposed process is the
> general understanding of contributions to any project in terms of agreement
> with the terms of that project's license.  The point of the CLA was never
> really acceptance of the terms of the license anyway.  It was more
> identifying contributors of pieces of code in case we ever want to
> re-license.
> This all came from a discussion with the Red Hat legal team, so I feel
> extremely confident this is a good change and a sound one.
> I will only be making said changes to the ORM repo.  I leave it up to the
> non-ORM team whether they want to change the non-ORM repos to follow these
> guidelines as well.
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