Hi Reuel,

One thing you could try is THF (tetrahydrofuran). We have used it in the past 
to rapidly dissolve the MMA on slides.

Good luck,

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> Hi  Reuel

We had the same thing as you. It was caused by bad MMA, I tested. Write down 
the lot # and ask refund. Test new lot # 1st of MMA in the future. It was very 
frustrating....I know.
Best luck.


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> Hello histonetters,
> I have a problem with my MMA plastic section on my slide. I could not
> remove the plastic MMA even if I leave the section slides in Xylene
> for several days with heat incubation at 60 degrees. This is the first
> time that happened to my section for several years of doing the same thing 
> over.
> I was thinking that it was my Xylene lot number so I tried to change
> it but still does not remove the plastic, and then Itried different
> solvent Acetone, and Ethylene glycol Monoethyl ether but still it does not 
> work.
> Can I ask for help if anyone knows what was going on and what would be
> the best way to remove this plastic from my section?
> Just to give you my embedding solution was MMA -94% , dibutly
> phthalate- 5% and perkadox 16- 0.5%. This have been my solution for
> years and I do not have any problem with the removal of plastic
> section until now. I was thinking that my MMA (M55909) different lot
> number from Sigma Aldrich may have cause this because even I tried to
> use the MMA to dissolve my plastic it does not work.
> Thank you for and any opinions or protocols are greatly appreciated.
> Reuel Cornelia
> 214-559-7766
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