Following the announcement last night that there will be no
server browser for the highly anticipated Left 4 Dead, we
have been thinking long and hard about the impact this has
on the hosting of the game.

With no server browser how are people supposed to join a
server they have rented?  Will there at least be a direct
to join IP feature? 

Without these there is no incentive for either the purchase
of servers by customers or the provision of free-to-play
publics by gaming communities, as people have no choice over
what server they join. 

This kills the rental, hosting and community market for the
game outright. Do Valve really intend to host all the servers
themselves for the game or has the importance of these features
and their impact been overlooked?

As it stands right now we (Multiplay) see no benefit in
supporting this game at all and unless this situation changes
we do not intend to host any servers for it.

We hope other GSP's will support us in this action. The MOTD
ad block is of minor significance in comparison to the building
a community around servers. This is the start of a slippery
slope which once started down it will be hard to turn back.
The community goodwill and hard work must not be taken for
granted and pushed too far.

Valve's success is in no small part due to the widespread
availability of servers for it's games, the majority of which
are funded and run by the community at large. To take away the
community's ability to continue to run servers that they can
build solid regular player bases around, will simply destroy
the communities around the game and also significantly dent
faith and goodwill in Valve as a company.

While we wish Valve success with this game; their decision
leaves us with no choice but to take this action in the hope
that it will highlight how strongly we feel about the removal
of direct join options from any game.


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