We've released a mandatory update for TF2. The new version number is 7431962. 
The notes for the update are below.




- Fixed the Spy being able to disguise after picking-up the intelligence
- Fixed some missing Announcer voice lines during the Competitive post-match 
- Fixed some view model draw animations not using the snap command
- Fixed the Mann vs. Machine mission selection dialog sometimes drawing under 
the category controls
- Updated the Cold Cosmos Unusual effect to fix a parenting issue
- Updated Contagious Eruption, Daydream Eruption, and Volcanic Eruption Unusual 
        - Fixed the highlight glow detaching itself from the effects and moving 
in the direction the player is moving
        - Fixed the effects being almost invisible in bright areas
- Updated the Kazan Karategi to fix clipping issues with the Pyro's arms
- Updated the Tropical Camo to fix the rigging and the normal map
- Updated the Boston Brain Bucket and Pest's Pads
        - Added Blank style that was originally missed
        - Fixed style names not aligning with the styles
- Updated the Bandit's Boots to fix a clipping issue with LOD1
- Updated The Chaser to fix some clipping issues and correct the backpack icon
- Updated item schema and localization files with community fixes
- Updated/Added some tournament medals

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