We've released a mandatory update for TF2. The new version number is 7405409. 
The notes for the update are below.




- Added the Summer 2022 Cosmetic Case
        - Contains 25 new community-contributed items
        - Adds 11 new community-created Unusual effects (29 variants total)
- Fixed a server crash caused by Sniper trying to eat his gun (switching to 
Sniper while Heavy is eating a Sandvich)
- Fixed an occasional lag spike when showing the kill cam for some players
- Fixed a regression where spotlights and spawns could not be parented
- Fixed a regression with incorrect prop lighting on some maps such as Barnblitz
- Fixed incorrect team colors for the default style of The Caped Crusader when 
using the itemtest command
- Fixed missing materials for some Strange Filters in the Mann Co. Store
- Updated/Added some tournament medals
- Updated the localization files

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