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But, do you agree that publishing your home lighting controller to the DNS is
how you manage to control your lights from your phone when you are out of
wifi distance, as you roam to 3G. (I switch to 3G when I get to the front of
my rather modest driveway, as the AP is in the back of the basement)?

If anybody is currently shipping, or has announced plans to ship, any kind of home automation device that does this, please speak up on the mailing list. I’d like to calibrate my perhaps mistaken apprehension that nobody would seriously consider doing this. Everyone I know in this field plans to do this by providing a single public rendezvous point with high availability servers that communicate in turn to home automation controllers acting as private clients.

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> End user choice and empowerment, integrity of service, support for trust, and "good network citizen behavior" are all properties that have developed as a consequence of the end-to-end principle.

Rendezvous points are themselves an attack vector/ anti-privacy snooping vector/ commercial lock-in/ convenience, depending on your point of view.

So please let's empower the end user to either "opt in" or "opt out".

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