Juliusz Chroboczek <j...@irif.fr> writes:

>>> This is not the notion that I tried to express, probably badly.  It's not
>>> necessarily the important feature, it's the one that will make people
>>> implement and deploy the protocol stack in the first place.
>> Suggestion for '"killer feature" of Homenet': driver for using Homenet
> That's good.
>>> If you find a sufficiently stately term that covers all of the above,
>>> I'll take it.  (My thesaurus suggests "chieftain", but I tend to favour
>>> "foreman".)
>> Suggestion for "our bosses": decision makers
> "easy to explain to the decision makers"?  It's okay, but sounds somewhat
> cold and corporate to my (admittedly foreign) ears.  I'll wait a little
> while in case somebody has a better idea.

"liege lords"
"(robot) overlords"
"decision-making units"
"callers of shots"
"head honchos"

(As you can see, I tried and failed to come up with something better;
I'd tend to agree that "decision makers" is a bit cold and corporate,
but then we are writing a standards document, not a 19th century romance


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