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 > Hi Denis, 
 > You appear to have perceived events and statements different from how 
 > others' have perceived these. 
 > I don't find this thread accusing Juliusz of bad behavior to be an 
 > appropriate way of addressing your perceptions. 
 > As chair of homenet (your email was sent to homenet and babel), I would 
 > appreciate an opportunity to talk to you directly (by phone / VoIP) to try 
 > to better address your perceptions. I find trying to do this by email very 
 > challenging. 
 > If others share Denis' perceptions, please let the chairs know. 
 > Thx, 
 > Barbara 

It has been a month and a week since then and for clarity I find it necessary 
to follow up.

Barbara, you had sent me an e-mail directly and thoroughly explained why in 
your opinion I was doing a wrong thing. I had studied that with attention.

I had answered your message, at length, directly on 2 July and explained, as 
clearly as I could, which meaningful details you did not take into account from 
my point of view. Also I had asked my own questions, including if you still 
find my posts to the list(s) inappropriate given that input. I expected a 
reply, but it never came.

I accept people have their own plans for their own time. However, in order to 
avoid further misunderstanding in the working group(s), please mind that from 
now on I am unlikely to engage in off-list discussions about this matter. I 
have already explained the problem on the list, several times over, and I have 
raised exactly the points I was going to raise. If Barbara or anybody else has 
anything to add, please do it on the list under your name, like I do.

Thank you.

    Denis Ovsienko

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