The HOT Training Working Group is doing excellent work. I join Nick in 
encouraging people to attend their meetings and help with training materials. 
Participating in this Working Group is a great way to improve the quality of 
data and to get new mappers up and running. 


On Oct 14, 2016, at 4:31 AM, Nick Allen <> wrote:


We all know that more training is needed. We also know that feedback is part of 
the training process - Validation of projects within the Tasking Manager (TM) 
is about training as well as data quality.

The HOT Training Working Group has a Trello board at which is 'public'. The board 
contains projects we are working on, and those we would like to work on. It is 
a place to share ideas, and perhaps work on a coordinated approach to moving 

There is a Training Working Group email list at!forum/training
 - all are welcome to join.

For those who like meetings (necessary evil unfortunately), there are meetings 
every 2 weeks, with the next meeting at  1900hrs UTC (Universal Time 
Coordinated) Monday 24th October on IRC (Internet Relay Chat), although we may 
try Mumble as well. All are free to attend the meetings, or to send a report in 
for inclusion.

Our wiki entry at
 contains links to many things, including the minutes of past meetings.

We currently have a small but active team and we have several members who 'drop 
in' occasionally. All of us have been involved in mapping and realize that 
training is an important element of 'HOT'. We would welcome new members, and we 
would welcome the creation of new training materials - but it would be very 
useful if this was in a coordinated way so that we don't have unnecessary 

You are reading this message in English, but many of the volunteers who map 
with HOT do not speak English - please consider this when thinking about 
training materials. Yesterday, the 2nd most popular language referred to in was Japanese, but parts were also read in 13 other 
languages .

If you are creating training materials, you need to make sure they are well 
advertised, and kept up to date - should they be linked to from LearnOSM or 
from wiki entries?

While you are mapping or validating for Hurricane Matthew, Missing Maps, or any 
other of the HOT activities, please think about how the training could be 
improved. Yes, please let the existing Training WG know your thoughts, but also 
think about contributing. Our current small team will need more active members 
if we are to actually create some of the resources discussed.

With every activation there are discussions about training, validation, and 
data quality. The time to prepare and construct the training materials is 
before you need them. Please consider helping to construct these materials - if 
you want to work on these alone, please add links to the documents I have 
mentioned so that your work does not go unnoticed. If you have a team working 
on a project - even if you are a big multi national company, please add links.

The title of this email group is Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team - please work 
together like a team so we can give the most for the people that need it.

These views are my own.

Nick (Tallguy)

Current Chair of HOT Training Working Group

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