This is not a simple, Let's connect road solution.
This area is surrounded by main roads and it is quite difficult to interpret 
imagery in this semi-desertic area. There are probably not many vehicule 
traffic accessing these hamlets from the main roads. 

For the remote mappers, it is  quite difficult to interpret all the traces in 
the sand and it looks like far too many ways were added indicated as roads and 
too many connections in all directions.

The responsible of this Task manager task should assure that experienced 
contributors revise this. Plus somebody from the field should look at this.

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 Objet : [HOT] Mapping (also) for the routing
After the discussion [1] about routing issues inside/around hamlets and
villages, I reviewed my mapping I've done until now in #2768 HOT project
(Nigeria), doing the following:

- if two or more unclassified/track highways reach a village from different
directions and are not connected between, I tried to connect them:

a) if buildings/huts were not too much close one each other: I drew
highway(s) (=residential) inside the village, connecting the external roads

b) if not, but there was at least one track near/around the village linking
the external roads, I mapped it.

c) if none of the above, I drew a "logical" road outside the village tagging
it with highway=road and fixme="confirm (routing issue)" (I think that the
definition of "highway=road" tag [2] is appropriate for this context, but
maybe it could be a problem for rendering and/or routing alghoritms: if so
we could tag them with "highway=track"?). 

The last solution was applied only if:
- without that junction, routing solution should propose (at least) several
chilometers more
- the ground as seen from the aerial images seems reasonably travelled by a
4x4 vehicle
- the lenght of this junction is not so much (almost always less than 100

I'm very interested in your opinion, my work is easily checkable with this
overpass query [3] which extracts all the highway=road in the selected area:
so, if the community doesn't agree with my solution, it's very fast to
delete or to change tagging for all these specific highways.

[2] http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:highway%3Droad
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