Hi John,

We've made a bit of progress regarding mmstats,
https://github.com/OSM-Utilities/JOSM-Scripts-HOT/tree/master/www, latest
working version deployed here: http://bjohas.de/mmstats/www/mmstats.html

We'll make a bit more progress over the next few days, but it does already
pick up when mappers are using tags outside a specified set. It's quite
simple but would have picked up this issue.

It would be great if project owners trialled
http://bjohas.de/mmstats/www/mmstats.html on their project hashtag - we'd
be quite happy to tailor it (where possible given the currently existing
APIs, i.e. red cross / overpass etc).


On 9 August 2017 at 21:03, john whelan <jwhelan0...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Yes I know I'm a bit one tracked sometimes but quite by chance I stumbled
> across a HOT mapper who had tagged 264 buildings Yess=Building
> in Togo.
> I have corrected these but they were done five months ago.
> In the ideal world we would have enough validators but we don't so could
> someone at least scan the mappers mapping on a project and highlight
> unusual tags or even no tags?
> If it could be done daily feedback could be given quickly which would
> reduce the number of errors and the time spent correcting them.
> It does require some manual validation but it would pick up problems more
> quickly.
> Thanks John
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