Hello Everyone,

I am very happy to see http://tasks.hotosm.org/project/3397 on the tasking
we also need data for Diffa for one of our projects.

However, I wanted to flag, that the french-speaking
also has an open task in this region (
http://taches.francophonelibre.org/project/149#task/1802 ).
In any case, the grid sizes on the taches.francophonelibre TM are way too
large to work in the
urban setting of Diffa-Town, so there it is not very likely, that we will
have problems.
Still, this brings up an issue that was already encountered before - how do
we avoid that people
work in the same area.

Again - this it not something very big in the media these days, so probably
we wont have too many
people working on these two tasks at the same time. But the issue remains.

All the best and thanks again for creating the task.

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