Thank you Blake and greetings everyone,

I'll just quickly jump in to say we are Activating to fulfill some requests for 
basemaps of the area impacted by 
Cyclone Gita (so far a few islands in the nation of Tonga) and potentially 
areas in South America having major flooding over the past couple weeks.

Tonga is actually really well mapped, mostly by just a few local mappers, and 
HOT was part of a project to capture UAV imagery recently, so it will mostly be 
advanced mapping to update and fill gaps.  The area affected by the flooding in 
South America is very large, so we're working with our partners to identify 
what exactly the need to determine the most effective use of the HOT 
community's time.  I'm also talking with the local community about what they 
think would be most beneficial projects to do. So far looks like buildings are 
the biggest data gap.

Stay tuned here, the tasking manager and/or slack...

Russell Deffner
Volunteer Disaster Mapping Coordinator
OSM/Skype: russdeffner
Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) 

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Subject: [HOT] Experienced mappers need for Tonga Cyclone Gita project urgent 

Dear friends,

We have an urgent need to update the mapping in parts of Tonga.

We have updated UAV imagery for about 1/2 of Nuku'lofa island, the main island 
in the Tonga group.

This project is to add any missing buildings or otherwise improve the building 
footprints. Due to the importance of the project and need to adjust imagery and 
make judgements on existing mapping, it is Experienced mappers only.

We very much need your help if you can contribute to this project please.

Only listed as medium because it is limited to experienced mappers only, it is 
actually Urgent.

Special thank you to Nate, Cristiano and the World Bank for capturing and 
making the imagery available.


Blake Girardot
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