1) Please subscribe to the hpx-users mailing list

2) please check the mailing list archives for the last month or so to 
see if another student asked aobut a project and received replies that 
apply to your questions too

3) feel free to ask questions on the IRC channel, but be aware that we 
might miss some messages and not see them right away, or at all, do 
check the IRC logs if you suspect similar questions/answers might exist

4) Please try to keep all correspondence on the mailing list if you can 
(without giving away any good ideas you might not want to share - see 
#5) - as the deadline draws nearer we get a lot of private emails from 
students and if we miss one by accident (due to travel or other 
commitments making use forget to reply) then keeping questions on list 
will help as others may reply

5) don't post your project proposals to the list as other students might 
get ideas from them and copy them, these you can send to mentors 
directly - please use google docs for proposals as it makes things 
easier for us to edit in place and give feedback

6) remember - we want the best students we can get and we have a limited 
number of places - you are in competition with the other applicants, and 
the students who show they can write a good proposal with plenty of 
background research - will be the ones we prefer (probably).


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