I found intresting contributing in HPX in this GSoC
I'm well-versed in C++ and have some parallel programming expirience (MPI,

One of projects atreccted my attention most is legacy project Newtonian
Physics Sandbox, I'm in the second year of the IT department in Novosibirsk
State University, before that I studied at the physics and mathematics
school and attended a course "physical processes modelling" in C ++, where
during the training was modelling many processes, such as lissajous curves,
motion in a central force field, celestial bodies interaction, tunnel diode
etc. Not all of these related to Newtonian physics, I mentioned them for a

But I'm very interested exactly in Newtonian physics from school, so it'd
be very exciting for me to participate in such project.

Also I haven't found any of beginnings of project, so as I understand, it
does not exist yet, am I right?
I gradually began to get acquainted with LibGeoDecomp tool, and think I got
the idea of it. If there are some other materials or advices for acquaintance,
I will be grateful.

Dedov Eugene (IRC: verganz)
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