On Wednesday, 21 September 2016 at 17:45:29 -0700, Michael Havens wrote:
> On Wednesday, September 21, 2016 at 3:02:05 PM UTC-4, Stefan Peter wrote:
>> In any case, please re-run the "Create control points" action and then,
>> send us the resulting log file from you clipboard as you did with this
>> one.
> Here is what the clipboard says now:
>      Searching for control points...
>      Could not find "cpfind" in path.
>      Maybe you have not installed it properly or given a wrong path in the
> settings.
> Perhaps I should use another control point detector.

*sigh* I've been through this in some detail.  This is the bug we
discussed some time ago.  Please don't set your temporary directory.
Go to Preferences/Filenames and make sure that "Temporary Dir" is
empty.  If you still get the "Could not find "cpfind" in path."
message, please confirm that you have reset this field and post your
~/.hugin file.

> I just can't do a massive panorama because I don't have enough space
> in /tmp for all the temporary files that a huge panorama produces.

And what files are you writing to /tmp?  Nobody else sees any written
there.  You have confirmed that the logs don't get copied to the
clipboard, but you can still watch the window.  If that's too much
difficulty, try repeating this in a shell window while stitching is in

  $ ls -lrt /tmp

That should list any newly created temporary files.

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