Am Freitag, 9. Februar 2018 07:52:23 UTC+1 schrieb Alister Ling:
> It works nicely! Thank you so much. 
Sorry, but you missed the point. Please reread my post again.
>> When you exchange only the image in the project file (as shown in your 
pseudo-code) without 
>> modifying control points/adding new control points there is no point in 
executing autooptimiser.
>> The control points are the same, so the result of the autooptimiser is 
the nearly same as 
>> before (beside some little numeric error).

The first one of the sequence I do manually and save to  
> ZenithProc_preop.pto .
> Then I run the loop where the output of the optimiser ( -o ZenithProc.pto ) 
> becomes input to nona
>         $com = "E:\\bin\\autooptimiser.exe -q -n -o ZenithProc.pto 
> ZenithProc_preop.pto ";
>         # part1 pano:
>         $com = "E:\\bin\\nona -m TIFF_m -o Zenith ZenithProc.pto Cam0.tif 
> Cam1.tif Cam2.tif";
>        # part 2 : enfuse/blend
>         $com = "E:\\bin\\enfuse --output=Zenith.tif Zenith0000.tif 
> Zenith0001.tif Zenith0002.tif 2> PROC_ERR.txt";
This corresponds to loading ZenithProc.preop.pto in Hugin GUI, pressing 
optimize, then save again (and this 1500 times). Then you replace the 
images and remap the images and fused them.  

The autooptimiser runs quite quickly. 
Now to let the 1500 triplets process overnight. 
 You run autooptimiser for each triplet on the same input and so you will 
get always (nearly) the same output (because you don't change the control 
So if you have a lot of time and want to heat your home...

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