Hi, which optimizer do I call on the command-line, how and when? Within 
hugin gui, I can optimize view, barrel, position and it comes out 
beautifully and generates a pto file. I have read through 
"https://wiki.panotools.org/Panorama_scripting_in_a_nutshell"; but still 
don't understand how to quite put it together.

It looks like I should call optimizer before nona; but I already have a pto 
file with all the parameters made from my manual execution of hugin. But in 
the nona documentation it says it ignores the optimisation lines in the pto 
file. So I am confused and would appreciate some pointers.

In the loop below, the optimizer does not get called, and I end up with 
double stars in my sky (that's why I need your help!). In my manual 
production I have 7 control points between each pair and it stitches nicely.

I am using a script to loop several hundred triplets using nona and enfuse 
(here in pseudo-code)

for Cam triplets do 
    collect triplets into a directory with the pto;
    call nona and enfuse
          com1 = E:\\bin\\nona -m TIFF_m -o Zenith ZenithProc.pto Cam0.tif 
Cam1.tif Cam2.tif;
          com2 = E:\\bin\\enfuse --output=Zenith.tif Zenith0000.tif 
Zenith0001.tif Zenith0002.tif;
    move zenith.tif to final directory

Do I make a call with PToptimizer or autooptimiser? where in the above 
sequence? Since I already have done the optimizing manually in the gui, can 
I simply re-use the calculated parameters?


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