Greetings Red Hat Partners,

We are pleased to announce that all Red Hat Certification test suite
packages needed to perform hardware certification of fully-supported
architectures[1] are available on the Red Hat Customer Portal at the
following location:

This includes the required dt, lmbench, and stress packages that were
previously only available elsewhere on the Red Hat website.

The 2.9 version of the test suite will be the last version that is
uploaded to the Red Hat People Page
( and the Customer Portal.
Future releases of the test suite for fully-supported architectures
will be available only from the Portal at the location mentioned
earlier. The certification test suite documentation is being updated
to reference this new location as the source for the test suite

We value your ongoing participation in Red Hat software development,
testing, and certification efforts. Thank you for your continued
partnership. If you have any questions or comments, please do not
hesitate to contact your Partner Manager or Engineering Account


The Red Hat Certification Team

[1] Packages for the aarch64 architecture, which is still in developer
preview state, will continue to be hosted only on the people page at
the following link:

Updates to aarch64 packages will be made available on the people page
at the same time as updates for other architectures are made available
on the Portal.

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