Greetings Red Hat Partners,

We are pleased to announce the general availability (GA) of updated
Red Hat Certification 4.0 and associated Test Suite package updates
(listed below).  This Red Hat Certification package update *is* an
official release and should be used for all new Red Hat certification
submissions. Successful results from the previous certification test
suite (redhat-certification-2.9-20160909) will be accepted for a
period of 90 days.


The updated Red Hat Certification packages are available on the Red
Hat Customer Portal at the following location:

All Programs:
- The web UI suggests log-in by going to the login screen when
visiting the products page, as long as the Red Hat Portal is
- On the Products page, local (AKA scratch) vendor products are
separated from those downloaded from the Portal
- For a certification, the Testing and Results pages are now combined,
offering testing and results submission from the same page.
- Multiple interactive tests run from the Web UI in a single run, with
prompting appearing within the testing

Hardware Certification:
- Bluetooth test is now available in the Preview package
- Storage test now properly identifies LVM and runs test on that drive
if it is not an active os
- We now ignore minimum CPU speed test results when ‘HWP’ cpuflag is
present in support of newer Intel processors
- Updated instructions in lid test
- Fixed an issue with 32-bit OS testing of 10 Gigabit and faster NICs
- Bugzilla-based login is now disabled
- Fixed a bug where a the specification and certification status may
not be updated when the specification is changed from pre-production
to production
- You may now select the category when creating a passthrough
specification entry
- The category of a new certification will automatically be set based
on the category of its specification entry

If you encounter any problems, please file bugs against the 'Red Hat
Certification Program' product in Red Hat Bugzilla
( Note that this may be a change from
some users who are used to using the old ‘Red Hat Hardware
Certification Program’ product.

We value your ongoing participation in Red Hat software development,
testing, and certification efforts. Thank you for your continued
partnership. If you have any questions or comments, please do not
hesitate to contact your Partner Manager or Engineering Account


The Red Hat Certification Team

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