Greetings Red Hat Partners,

We are pleased to announce the general availability (GA) of updated
Red Hat Certification 5.7 and associated test suite package updates
(listed below). This Red Hat Certification package update *is* an
official release and should be used for all new Red Hat certification
submissions. Successful results from the previous certification test
suite will be accepted for a period of 90 days.

The updated Red Hat Certification packages listed below are available
on the Red Hat Customer Portal at the following location:


This release includes enhancements and bug fixes as follows:

1. The WUI for rhcert will now default to the sandbox tab when the
Certification backend services are unreachable.
2. The CLI for rhcert will now prompt before removing previously
executed test results when registering a System Under Test (SUT) to a
new Local Test Server (LTS).
3. The Manila certification test will now properly filter the
protocol-specific tempest test for inclusion and exclusion based on
the selected protocol.
4. The hardware certification storage test device selection will now
display the storage controller information where possible.
5. Corrected hardware certification RMDA test OmnipathConnectionTest
to properly communicate with the opafm service.
6. Added RDMA manual test descriptions and the planning and execution
instructions to the Hardware Certification User’s Guide.
7. Updated the USB 3.1 test descriptions and execution behavior
description in the Hardware Certification User’s Guide.
8. Fixed a traceback in the rhcert-ci command when trying to use the
clean option.

The complete changelog for each package may be found on the download
page by selecting the package name followed by selecting the ChangeLog

If you encounter any problems, please file bugs against the "Red Hat
Certification Program" product in Red Hat Bugzilla
( Note that this may be a change for some
users who are used to using the old "Red Hat Hardware Certification
Program" product.

We value your ongoing participation in Red Hat certification, software
development, and testing efforts. Thank you for your continued
partnership. If you have any questions or comments, please do not
hesitate to contact your partner manager or engineering account

The Red Hat Certification Team

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