The Hardware Locality (hwloc) team is pleased to announce the first release
candidate of v1.2: 

v1.2 is a major new release series for hwloc.  It includes many new features
and changes over the v1.1.x series.
The just-released v1.1.2 is expected to be the last release of its series

The following is a summary of the changes since the v1.1 series:

* Major features
  + Expose latency matrices in the API as an array of distance structures
    within objects. Add several helpers to find distances.
  + Add hwloc_topology_set_distance_matrix() and environment variables
    to provide a matrix of distances between a given set of objects.
  + Add hwloc_get_last_cpu_location() and hwloc_get_proc_last_cpu_location()
    to retrieve the processors where a process or thread recently ran.
    - Add the corresponding --get-last-cpu-location option to hwloc-bind.
  + Add hwloc_topology_restrict() to restrict an existing topology to a
    given cpuset.
    - Add the corresponding --restrict option to lstopo.
* Minor API updates
  + Add hwloc_bitmap_list_sscanf/snprintf/asprintf to convert between bitmaps
    and strings such as 4-5,7-9,12,15-
  + hwloc_bitmap_set/clr_range() now support infinite ranges.
  + Clarify the difference between inserting Misc objects by cpuset or by
  + hwloc_insert_misc_object_by_cpuset() now returns NULL in case of error.
* Discovery improvements
  + x86 backend (for freebsd): add x2APIC support
  + Support standard device-tree phandle, to get better support on e.g. ARM
    systems providing it.
  + Detect cache size on AIX. Thanks Christopher and IBM.
  + Improve grouping to support asymmetric topologies.
* Tools
  + Command-line tools now support "all" and "root" special locations
    consisting in the entire topology, as well as type names with depth
    attributes such as L2 or Group4.
  + hwloc-calc improvements:
    - Add --number-of/-N option to report the number of objects of a given
      type or depth.
    - -I is now equivalent to --intersect for listing the indexes of
      objects of a given type or depth that intersects the input.
    - Add -H to report the output as a hierarchical combination of types
      and depths.
  + Add --thissystem to lstopo.
  + Add lstopo-win, a console-less lstopo variant on Windows.
* Miscellaneous
  + Remove C99 usage from code base.
  + Rename into hwloc-gather-topology

Brice Goglin

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