hwloc (Hardware Locality) 2.4.0rc1 is now available for download.


v2.4.0 is a small release that mainly brings support for hybrid CPUs
through a new API in hwloc/cpukinds.h.

The following is a summary of the changes since v2.3.0.

Version 2.4.0
  + Add hwloc/cpukinds.h for reporting information about hybrid CPUs.
    - Use Linux cpufreq frequencies to rank cores by efficiency.
    - Use x86 CPUID hybrid leaf and future Linux kernels sysfs CPU type
      files to identify Intel Atom and Core cores.
    - Use the Windows native EfficiencyClass to separate kinds.
* Backends
  + Properly handle Linux kernel 5.10+ exposing ACPI HMAT information
    with knowledge of Generic Initiators.
* Tools
  + lstopo has new --cpukinds and --no-cpukinds options for showing
    CPU kinds or not in textual and graphical modes respectively.
  + hwloc-calc has a new --cpukind option for filtering PUs by kind.
  + hwloc-annotate has a new cpukind command for modifying CPU kinds.
* Misc
  + Fix hwloc_bitmap_nr_ulongs(), thanks to Norbert Eicker.
  + Add a documentation section about
    "Topology Attributes: Distances, Memory Attributes and CPU Kinds".
  + Silence some spurious warnings in the OpenCL backend and when showing
    process binding with lstopo --ps.


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