Brice Goglin, on mar. 19 déc. 2017 11:48:39 +0100, wrote:
> The Hardware Locality (hwloc) team is pleased to announce the first
> beta release for v2.0.0:

I tried to build the Debian package, there are a few failures in the

FAIL: hwloc_bind
FAIL: hwloc_get_last_cpu_location
FAIL: hwloc_get_area_memlocation
FAIL: hwloc_object_userdata
FAIL: hwloc_backends
FAIL: hwloc_pci_backend
FAIL: hwloc_is_thissystem
FAIL: hwloc_topology_diff
FAIL: hwloc_topology_abi
FAIL: hwloc_obj_infos
FAIL: glibc-sched
../.././config/test-driver: line 107: 27886 Segmentation fault      "$@" > 
$log_file 2>&1
FAIL: hwloc-hello
../.././config/test-driver: line 107: 27905 Segmentation fault      "$@" > 
$log_file 2>&1
FAIL: hwloc-hello-cpp

This is running inside a Debian Buster system.

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