Bonjour Brice,

On 29. Nov 2011, at 9:45, Brice Goglin wrote:

> hwloc 1.3 already has support for PCI device detection. These new
> objects contain a "class" field that can help you know if it's a NIC/GPU/...

Ok, time to upgrade my installation. The cluster has RHEL6.1 which ships with 
an older version.

> How are you using GPUs and NICs in your software? Which libraries or
> ways do you use to access them?

I use them mostly with OpenGL ('XOpenDisplay(":0.<gpu>")' and RDMA in 
Equalizer/Collage (see links in signature). Is there a straight way to 
associate the GPUs with the corresponding X screen? I guess at least the path 
through the Xorg PCI ID should work, but it would be nice to have that in hwloc.

We also use Cuda/OpenMPI here, but I guess this will be easier to support. I'll 
look into the latest source of lstopo to see how it's done.

BTW, I recently created a library for ZeroConf GPU discovery[1], this might be 
of interest for you.




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