Le 30/11/2011 08:44, Stefan Eilemann a écrit :
> Let me know if I can help. We would be quite interested in this feature.

You can help by asking the relevant people for help :)
* ask the OpenCL board to add an device query property that tells us the
locality of a device. If they return the BusID of a PCI device, that's
OK (that's what Nvidia added to CUDA for us). If they give the set of
closest CPUs or NUMA nodes, it would help too.
* ask the Xorg guys to give you a way to retrieve the PCI BusID from a X
display at runtime.

> Ideally there should be the following fields. I'll use the Equalizer terms, 
> but feel free to use others if you don't like them:
> - port: the X server number or unused (Windows/Mac)
> - GL device: The X screen, affinity device (Windows) or CGL renderer ID (OS X)
> - Cuda/OpenCL device
> The latter is interesting to establish a mapping between GL and Cuda device 
> numbers, which are not necessarily symmetric.

I created a trac ticket about this


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