Le 21/02/2012 15:42, Albert Solernou a écrit :
> Hi,
> I have several questions in order to fix this issue from the machine
> side.
> 1) I realised that on this machine neither libcpuset nor cpuset-utils
> are installed. Could this be related to the problem?

No, Linux "cpuset" are very different from hwloc "cpuset" and "bitmap"
unfortunately. The former is about reducing the available resources in
the machine so that processes cannot use the entire CPUs for instance.
hwloc detects this feature but it doesn't need libcpuset to do so.
Things just work :)

> 2) Could you specify any BIOS parameter we could tune up

You can look for PCI affinity or PCI NUMA maybe. But I don't think
you'll find anything because your machine isn't NUMA anyway. I/O
affinity don't matter on this machine, there's no reason to
enable/disable it in this BIOS.

> 3) Could this issue be related to the linux kernel?

I think the kernel has been properly detecting this kind of affinity
from the BIOS for a very long time. At least 2.6.18 but likely way earlier.

You should just forget about this problem and use hwloc 1.4.1rc1
(released today, already on the web, to be announced soon, once windows
zips are ready). It contains the workaround for your problem.


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