Le 25/10/2012 23:57, Robin Scher a écrit :
> On OS-X, you can get this string from the sysctlbyname() call:
>     const char *name = "machdep.cpu.brand_string";
>     char buffer[ 64 ];
>     size_t size = 64;
>     if( !sysctlbyname( name, buffer, &size, NULL, 0 ) )
>         memcpy( cpu_model, buffer, 12 * sizeof( int ) );


> if That doesn't work, you can get it from calling system_profiler and
> parsing the output.

I'd rather not do that from inside the hwloc library :)

> On Widows (32 bit), the only way I've found is to actually use the
> cpuid assembly call:

Good to know, that's likely similar to the Linux code I cited in my
other mail.
I'll see if I can put that in some sort of common code.

> I don't know if that would work on Win64, though. Do you think those
> could be added to hwloc?

If we can make this work without too much pain, sure.


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