I have installed arch-linux on the PS of the Zynq device and installed with
pacman hwloc 1.11.5. While having linux running I have also included a .bit
file to program the FPGA, hoping to be able to find the gpios included in
the FPGA logic from the processing system.
These gpios are included to the PS by looking into the device tree, and
located in /sys/class.The problem comes when running hwloc-ls, as they
don't appear on the object tree even when using the "--whole-io" option.
I know hwloc is able to find PCI devices, but i would like to know if hwloc
is able to detect other type of I/O like the ones i've just mentioned and
if i have to change any header file to include the path to the gpios or set
any flag.

Thanks in advance,
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