I'm trying to use NetLoc tool for detecting my cluster topology.

I have 2 node cluster with AMD Processors, connected by InfiniBand. Also I installed latest versions of hwloc and netloc tools.

I followed the instruction of netloc and when I tried to use netloc_ib_gather_raw as root, i recieved this message root:$ netloc_ib_gather_raw --out-dir=/home/halilov/mycluster-data/result/ --hwloc-dir=/home/halilov/mycluster-data/hwloc/ --sudo

Found 0 subnets in hwloc directory:

There are two files in /home/halilov/mycluster-data/hwloc/ generated by hwloc: head.xml and node01.xml

P.S. in attach archieve with .xml files

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Mikhail Khalilov

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