In 2.0, netloc is still highly experimental. Hopefully, a large rework
will be merged in git master next month for being released in hwloc 2.1.

Most of the API from the old standalone netloc was made private when
integrated in hwloc because there wasn't any actual user. The API was
quite large (things for traversing the graph of both the fabric and the
servers' internals). We didn't want to expose such a large API before
getting actual user feedback.

In short, in your need features, please let us know, so that we can
discuss what to expose in the public headers and how.


Le 30/03/2018 à 20:14, Madhu, Kavitha Tiptur a écrit :
> Hi
> I need some info on the status of netloc integration with hwloc. I see the 
> include/netloc.h header is almost empty in hwloc 2.0 and lots of 
> functionality missing compared to the previous standalone netloc release, 
> even in private/netloc.h. Am I missing something here?
> Thanks
> Kavitha

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