>> — I tried building older netloc with hwloc 2.0 and it throws compiler 
>> errors. Note that netloc was cloned from it’s git repo.
> My guess is that the "map" part that joins netloc's info about the
> fabric with hwloc's info about the nodes doesn't like hwloc 2.0. But
> that should be easy to disable in the Makefiles and/or to update for
> hwloc 2.0.

—We do need the map functionality since we need to identify which processor 
core is mapped to which network node (from my understanding of the 
documentation and the definition of mapping, 
Please correct me if I am wrong here). My other concern is, in the older 
version of netloc, netloc_ib_gather_raw is not listing any subnets on the 
cluster where the newer version built within hwloc reports some. 
I compared the perl scripts and there doesn’t seem to be much difference in the 
two other than the newer version adding some pattern matching for hfi.

>>>> The plan should rather be to tell us what you need from netloc so that
>>>> we can reenable it with a good API. We hear lots of people saying they
>>>> are interested in netloc, but *nobody* ever told us anything about what
>>>> they want to do for real. And I am not even sure anybody ever played
>>>> with the old API. This software cannot go forward unless we know where
>>>> it's going. There are many ways to design the netloc API.
>> — At this point, our requirement is to expose graph construction from raw 
>> topology xml and mapping and traversal at best.
>> I see some of these already defined in private/hwloc.h in the newer version. 
>> Our problem here Is that we couldn’t build it in embedded mode, which is how 
>> we are using hwloc.
> Can't you hack your build system to build hwloc in standalone instead of
> embedded mode for testing? Or use an external hwloc instead of your
> embedded one?

— We can do this, shouldn’t be a major concern. But we can only make this work 
if we use the newer hwloc version and expose some of the functions as I 

> I'd like to get feedback about private/netloc.h before making some of it
> public.
> I'll look at making libnetloc embeddable in 2.1.
> Brice
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