Le 21/01/2019 à 17:08, Biddiscombe, John A. a écrit :
> Dear list,
> I'm allocating a matrix of size (say) 2048*2048 on a node with 2 numa domains 
> and initializing the matrix by using 2 threads, one pinned on each numa 
> domain - with the idea that I can create tiles of memory bound to each numa 
> domain rather than having pages assigned all to one, interleaved, or possibly 
> random. The tiling pattern can be user defined, but I am using a simple 
> strategy that touches pages based on a simple indexing scheme using (say) a 
> tile size of 256 elements and should give a pattern like this

Hello John,

First idea:

A title of 256 element means you're switching between tiles every 2kB
(if elements are double precision), hence half the page belongs to one
thread and the other half to the another thread, hence only the first
one touching his tile will actually allocate locally.

One way to debug would be to disable touching in N-1 thread to check
that everything allocated in on the right node.

Can you share the code, or at least part of it?


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