Le 25/01/2019 à 23:16, Biddiscombe, John A. a écrit :
>> move_pages() returning 0 with -14 in the status array? As opposed to 
>> move_pages() returning -1 with errno set to 14, which would definitely be a 
>> bug in hwloc.
> I think it was move_pages returning zero with -14 in the status array, and 
> then hwloc returning 0 with an empty nodeset (which I then messed up by 
> calling get bitmap first and assuming 0 meant numa node zero and not checking 
> for an empty nodeset).
> I'm not sure why I get -EFAULT status rather than -NOENT, but that's what I'm 
> seeing in the status field when I pass the pointer returned from the 
> alloc_membind call.

The only reason I see for getting -EFAULT there would be that you pass
the buffer to move_pages (what hwloc_get_area_memlocation() wants, a
start pointer and length) instead of a pointer to an array of page
addresses (move_pages wants a void** pointing to individual pages).


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