Hi all, wondering if somebody could tell me what's wrong with my
script that's trying to talk with i3's IPC.

Whenever I try to read a reply from the socket, I apparently just get
an empty string.

I've already read the warning about using a library and not
implementing my own, thanks, but the Ruby library is unmaintained and
doesn't include recent IPC features.

I'm doing this:

___________________ 8>< snip ><8 _____________________________________
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require 'socket'
socket  = Socket.unix(`i3 --get-socketpath`.strip)

payload = "restart"
type    = 0
length  = payload.length

bytes = socket.write("i3-ipc#{[length, type].pack("LL")}#{payload}")

response = socket.read.unpack("L")

`bytes' gets the number of bytes written, as expected, and i3 does
indeed restart, so the message was successful. But `response' seems to
be nil. If I just ask for socket.read, I just get the empty string.

Can anyone help? thanks!


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