I have a portable SSD with Linux Mint MATE, 32 bits version. For old PCs with 
small memory (or just for fun) I use the i3-wm. I also have Linux Mint on an 
old EeePC 901, which is very slow. For the EeePC I use i3 as default wm.

The config is configured in a way which sets buttons, colors, letter rendering 
etc. to what I have configured for MATE. This is done by calling the 
mate-settings-daemon on start up of i3. You'll see that in config. (However, 
the cursor settings from the MATE configuration only work in some apps. This is 
a minor issue.)

The config is here:
(The config is based on the i3 config of WattOS R9 MicroWATT, which is a nice 
distro too.)

Have fun,

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