Hi the list!

I run i3 since a week now and I switch to it from wmii (nearly for the
same reasons that the i3 developers expose on i3 web site).

I really appreciate its stability, xrandr support and conf/i3
reloading/restarting on the fy!

Anyway, can any one tell me:

 1. why and/or "switch to workspace by name" and "move window to
    workspace by name" are not implemented?
    (namely M-t <wpname> / M-S-t <wpname> under wmii.)

 2. (if I'm not wrong) why can't we set/unset windows to appear in
    several workspaces?
    (namely M-S-t +<wpname> / M-S-t -<wpname> under wmii.)

I mean, I used to create a lot of temporary workspaces and name them
depending on my instant needs (say debug, admin, tmp, rsync, etc.) but
in the end, I feel that i3 restricts me a lot for what can be done from
the keyboard bindings (i.e., to 0...9, for named or not workspaces).

Thanks for whom will have the willing to answer!


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