* Florian Lindner <mailingli...@xgm.de> [2015-08-17 09:06]:
> Now having a container layout of a Browser and another container
> stacked. In this container is an Emacs and a Konsole, horizontally (in
> the sense that their border is a horizontal line).
> (Stack Browser (H-Split Emacs Konsole) ;; Lisp like notation
> Now I expect focus up to move focus from Konsole to Emacs and then to
> Browser. But is cycles only between Konsole and Emacs. I can focus
> parent and reach the Browser that way. When I move focus up from the
> Browser is moves to Konsole and then Emacs, I'm again in the cycle.

This sounds like you've set "force_focus_wrapping yes":



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