With 4.10.3 this fix was introduced:


This makes total sense, but in some cases it might be annoying.
I have a setup with 3 LCDs (all the same HP ZR24w) connected to an
nvidia gpu. 2 LCDs are connected via DVI and the 3rd one is connected
via DP.
I let my workstation run 24/7 so i just turn the screens on/off. While
the 2 LCDs on DVI are staying "connected" in the xrandr output when
turned off, the LCD on DP is "disconnected" (althought still physical
attached). So the workspaces from the 3rd LCD (DP) are moved to the
other ones, so i have to move them back to the 3rd LCD everytime i get
back home and turn the LCDs on again.

So it might be an idea to add an option to disable this feature.
Or does anyone have an idea how to let randr know that the device is
connected and just turned off?

Andreas Herz

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