Hi everyone,

GLFW has a window creation flag to make a window FLOATING, it uses
to do this in x11_window.c

I have tried adding to the if statement in manage.c
<https://github.com/i3/i3/blob/next/src/manage.c#L374-L384> and the
corresponding xmacro to atoms.xmacro, but it still doesn't open as a
floating window.  After adding this, GLFW's check in x11_init.c
it didn't before, so it seems to be registered within i3 correctly, but the
xcb_reply_contains_atom(state_reply, A__NET_WM_STATE_ABOVE) check still
fails.  Any idea why this could be happening?

Additionally, if I do get it working, would this be something worthy of
submitting? or should GLFW be changed to use something other than the
WM_STATE_ABOVE atom to make floating windows?  ...although none of the
tests used by i3 seem to be the right fit.


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