Hi Kevin, 

On the bottom of manage.c you also need to increase the number of atoms that i3 
lists as supported. Also make sure you added the new atom not at the very end 
of atoms.xmacro as not all of them are copied into the supported list and GLFW 
seems to actually check for support. 

If all of this is correct, it could only be that GLFW only sets the atom after 
the window is created. In this case you'd have to modify the handler. 


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On Aug 25, 2015, 17:22, at 17:22, Kevin J <jkev...@umbc.edu> wrote:
>Hi everyone,
>GLFW has a window creation flag to make a window FLOATING, it uses
>to do this in x11_window.c
>I have tried adding to the if statement in manage.c
><https://github.com/i3/i3/blob/next/src/manage.c#L374-L384> and the
>corresponding xmacro to atoms.xmacro, but it still doesn't open as a
>floating window.  After adding this, GLFW's check in x11_init.c
>it didn't before, so it seems to be registered within i3 correctly, but
>xcb_reply_contains_atom(state_reply, A__NET_WM_STATE_ABOVE) check still
>fails.  Any idea why this could be happening?
>Additionally, if I do get it working, would this be something worthy of
>submitting? or should GLFW be changed to use something other than the
>WM_STATE_ABOVE atom to make floating windows?  ...although none of the
>tests used by i3 seem to be the right fit.

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