Hello Michael!

> Please don’t break threading in your replies, that makes it hard for
> people to follow the discussion.

Ups, I'm sorry. It seems that using spamgourmet on the list might not be the
best idea... I hope, the thread isn't broken this time...?

> > Hope, that's in one line now:
> >
> > exec --no-startup-id i3-msg 'workspace $wsp3; append_layout 
> > /home/markus/.i3/emacs.json'
> See http://i3wm.org/docs/debugging.html for how to look at i3’s log.
> It should give you some more details about what’s going on.

Now I had the opportunity to follow those instructions. This is the log:

I had a look at it - but the data is a bit too much and I couldn't find any
hint. Maybe you could help me?

To remind you: the line mentioned above works fine when started from a
terminal (without exec... of course), but when called from the config file,
the placeholder for the window to the right of the emacs terminal is missing...

Thanks for your help!
(And if the threading is broken again, I'll re-subscribe without spamgourmet)

Markus Grunwald

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