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> Hello Michael!
>> Please don’t break threading in your replies, that makes it hard for
>> people to follow the discussion.
> Ups, I'm sorry. It seems that using spamgourmet on the list might not be the
> best idea... I hope, the thread isn't broken this time...?

It’s broken again at least in gmail, and you didn’t have a To: address
set, which mailman didn’t like.

>> > Hope, that's in one line now:
>> >
>> > exec --no-startup-id i3-msg 'workspace $wsp3; append_layout 
>> > /home/markus/.i3/emacs.json'
>> See http://i3wm.org/docs/debugging.html for how to look at i3’s log.
>> It should give you some more details about what’s going on.
> Now I had the opportunity to follow those instructions. This is the log:
> http://logs.i3wm.org/logs/5665370564198400.bz2
> I had a look at it - but the data is a bit too much and I couldn't find any
> hint. Maybe you could help me?
> To remind you: the line mentioned above works fine when started from a
> terminal (without exec... of course), but when called from the config file,
> the placeholder for the window to the right of the emacs terminal is 
> missing...

Can you also provide the contents of /home/markus/.i3/emacs.json
please? Also, a screenshot of the working/non-working version would be

While you’re at it, please file this as a bug at
https://github.com/i3/i3, so that we have all bugs in one place.

> Thanks for your help!
> (And if the threading is broken again, I'll re-subscribe without spamgourmet)
> cu
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