I was not aware of Mod + RightClick.  That's cool.  Thanks.  And in that
context the warp to boundary makes sense: it makes clear what I'm about to

Mod + RightClick also works for both H and V resize.

So this leaves two questions, since maybe they are bugs, maybe not:

1.  Is it intentional, given that non-mod LeftClick can resize, that there
is no feedback on hovering over a window edge?

2.  And is it a bug that vertical resize doesn't work without Mod?

I haven't seen fit to restart i3 today (work to do), although I grabbed
sources to compile from git master.  I'll check once I've compiled and

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On 11 September 2015 at 19:04, Micah Elliott <m...@micahelliott.com> wrote:

> > The target seems to be three pixels wide
> It's not clear if you're aware of the incredibly convenient "Mod +
> RightClick" to drag window resizing. Then you can quickly click just
> about anywhere on the screen and be grabbing an edge. The feature may
> render your concerns moot.
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