For the last 6 years, I have hosted the i3-announce and i3-discuss mailing
lists myself. Now, I’m looking to retire the server which hosts these lists
without a replacement — there’s nothing exciting about hosting a mailman
instance, it’s just work.

Hence, I’ve decided to migrate the i3-announce and i3-discuss mailing lists
to freelists.org, who have agreed to host these lists (thanks!).

All subscribers and the archives will be migrated, so you do not need to
re-subscribe. What you might need to change are filters (as the list-id
will change) and the address to which you will send emails in order to post
to the lists. The subjects will stay the same.

The i3-announce list is already set up, see
The i3-discuss list will follow early next week.

I will let you know once the migration is done via a post on the new lists.

If you have any significant concerns about this, please let me know in a
private email thread. In case you do not want to be on either of the lists
anymore, please unsubscribe now.

Best regards,

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