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> Walter,
> After a long talk with Edgar, I am very worried that you keep asking for
> funds on his name.
> You requested US$1,000 on January and he has no idea, and now you are
> requesting funds for him to assist to a meeting that he is not going to
> attend, because the meeting in Lima is today and today he has no money to
> travel.
> This can not continue.
> Please explain.

Laura, I think there is little or no cause for your worry.  there is
no need to be alarmist.

Walter put it on the agenda for discussion at the SLOB meeting,
obviously he plans to explain, I don't see why you would expect him
reply to your widely broadcast message at this time, simply attend the
SLOB meeting or read the transcript after and then raise further
questions if you have them.  Two days is not too long to wait and
Walter is a busy guy.

As for your speaking on Edgar's behalf about his plans, I think we can
let Edgar speak for himself, he is a long standing member of the Sugar
Labs L10n community and although it is unfortunate that some of the
automated history of his contributions was lost in the Pootle
migration, I can attest for the fact that he has submitted in excess
of 20,000 words of Aymara L10n to Sugar.  The work he has done in
Aymara provides the best model we have of how further funding of L10n
should be done.  The exact terms under which Sugar Labs funded his
work have been widely distributed.

I should also note that the pseudonymous user: traductor_aymara
(e-mail conta...@somosazucar.org) has contributed 4000 words to Aymara
(separately from Edgar's work).

BTW, who is the actual Aymara-speaking translator of the strings
submitted under this username?   I would love to contact them about
some issues relating to the classification of the Aymara language in
ISO-639 that are currently under discussion concerning the ayc_PE
glibc locale  that I submitted upstream to enable use of Aymara L10n
in Sugar.  It is important to bring direct input from Aymara speakers
to this conversation and I am hoping to reach out to as many
L10n-aware Aymara speakers as I can find in order to help them
properly stake their various claims on the Aymara "name-space" in
Linux and to avoid future namespace collisions as more software is
localized into various forms of Aymara across various platforms.

In the interest of transparency, has somosazucar solicited or received
any funding for the L10n work done under the traductor_aymara username
(or that of the similarly registered user: traductor_quechua?

If so, what were the terms of that funding?

It would help to put all information about Aymara translations on the
table and allow people to make informed judgments as to any potential
conflicts-of-interest that may or may not exist.  Looking forward to
learning more about this.

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