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> Hi Chris,
> I will try to be succinct in answering the questions you raise.

I'm afraid I might have to go on in length to debunk your errors.

> By Walter's apparent vote of no confidence in me and your insistence of
> having done no wrong I realize I will have to work with you if I want to
> get things done.

You certainly don't make easy by continuing to attack people.  One
alternative (as I will lay out below), is to actually do things
yourself rather than complain about others not doing them for you.

> I like to work openly. My problem with your nomination is that you
> already have insisted to set yourself up as a bottleneck, and blocked
> for six months the efforts of Awajún language locale (look for my emails
> to you from Nov and Dec 2014 here):
> http://lists.sugarlabs.org/archive/iaep/2014-November/017104.html
> http://lists.sugarlabs.org/archive/iaep/2014-December/017115.html

Let's talk about me "setting myself as a bottleneck", how exactly is
that possible when the GNU Library of C functions (glibc) and it's
locale effort are open source projects to which anyone can contribute.
Write an agr_PE locale file and submit it according to their community
process.  I will tell you it is not necessarily an easy community to
join actively or to get action from, which is why I have spent a great
deal of my own time gaining their trust through contribution, so that
I might be able to work effectively on behalf of the new language
efforts we encounter with some frequency at Sugar Labs.

Ok, you cite a message from Nov 2014 and one from Dec 2014 to a high
volume list, one that, by the way, is not the "home" of the
localization effort.  You do not replicate my private reply to you in
Feb 2015

"Sorry it has taken so long.  New job.

Let me work on this and I'll get back to you.  I will definitely work
with you to get this submitted in good form to glibc."

Or my delivery of a draft agr_PE glibc locale in another message later
on, followed by your testing and improvement, etc. etc.

I am quite sorry that I was not available at your beck and call when
you wanted me to do something for you, but in no way could I be
interpreted as a bottleneck to you doing it for yourself, and in time,
I actually provided you with the benefit of my expertise (without
cost), purely for the good of the community.  So your major complaint
is that I was not fast enough to do a favor for you.  Somehow, you
think I owed it to you to do work that you assigned to me more

Life outside of Sugar does happen. Sometimes it can take more than a
message to a high-volume maiiling list to get someone's attention.
Actually getting someone's cooperation can involve not treating them
poorly on a regular basis until you need something from them.

I will be happy to assist anyone with matters of L10n/i18n as they
relate to Sugar Labs, but I'm not going to pretend that I do not find
some people more challenging to work with than others.  Nonetheless,
the work is the important thing.

IAEP -- It's An Education Project (not a laptop project!)

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